Literary Finds

Cool books we’ve found

The Danger of Black Beauty

People like to bring me things, mostly (almost exclusively) books, which makes a lot of sense what with the whole book store vibe we’ve got going on here. Usually it’s books to trade, sometimes it’s books just to show me and other times it’s interesting books that they just...


Buried Treasure

The other day I realized there is a drawer in the shop that I have never opened, which is strange, so I opened it. Turns out it was full of Halls and dust and miscellaneous bits of things. For example, what I think was part of a belt, a...


Simply Frabjous!

There is a website used for the buying and selling of books called AbeBooks. On this site they do a really cool thing where at the end of every month they put out a list of the top ten most expensive books sold that month. Every month (well for...


Let’s Have Dinner, I’m Cooking

I haven’t hosted a dinner party in a long time. I haven’t felt the urge to feed people and I haven’t learned any great new recipes, not that I’m one to follow recipes anyways. Then I found White Trash Cooking. In my mind the recipes in this book may...


Letters from the Wind

My favourite surprise is opening a book and finding a hand written letter inside. Part of why I love this so much is because hand written letters are such a rarity today. But truthfully the reason is because it allows me to have a peek into someone else’s life...