Simply Frabjous!

There is a website used for the buying and selling of books called AbeBooks. On this site they do a really cool thing where at the end of every month they put out a list of the top ten most expensive books sold that month. Every month (well for the past two months) I have taken great pleasure perusing the list with bulging eyes, secretly hoping I’ll recognize a book that I have in my shop but have yet to research. So far I have had no such luck BUT I did discover something amazing that I had to immediately share with every person I came in physical contact with, and also a bunch of people on my phone… and on facebook… and obviously you, the readers of my blog.

One of my favourite artists is Salvador Dali (I didn’t forget what I was talking about I promise).  And one of my favourite books is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (are you making the connection yet?). Turns out in 1969 Maecenas Press and Random House publish a limited edition volume of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by none other than Dali himself. They only printed 2500 copies.


Suffice to say that as my bulging eyes took in the information, my heart felt like it was going to explode (yes I am aware that that is an odd reaction but it happened none-the-less). In an attempt to calm myself I told phone and facebook people, it didn’t really help. So, unsatisfied with the amount of information given by the book seller, and my ability to share said information, I googled the images. They are amazing. My eyes bulged out even further, my jaw practically unhinged and I started to drool, and then a customer walked in…