Let’s Have Dinner, I’m Cooking

White Trash Cookbook 001I haven’t hosted a dinner party in a long time. I haven’t felt the urge to feed people and I haven’t learned any great new recipes, not that I’m one to follow recipes anyways. Then I found White Trash Cooking.

White Trash Cookbook 002

In my mind the recipes in this book may as well be from another world. As I flipped through the pages a number of things went through my head. Primarily, “What???” and “Amazing!” In the whole book there is only one picture of food and I think it really inspires confidence.

Unfortunately there was no recipe to go with the picture, but hey you can’t win them all.


The first recipe that I really stopped to look at was Our Lord’s White Trash Cookbook 003Scripture Cake.

The recipe directly after Our Lord’s Scripture Cake is something called Resurrection Cake. I don’t know how to comment on any of this, it’s too strange to wrap my head around. All I know is I want cake but God says no because I don’t have a bible nearby.

After being denied cake I figured I really needed to go through the entire cookbook to make sure I hadn’t missed anything good. This is when my “What???” turned into an “Awesome!” I had missed so many good things, for example; Aunt Donnah’s Roast Possum, Butt’s ‘Gator Tail, Rabbit Pie, Broiled Squirrel, and Fried Squirrel, to name but a few. This is also where I learned something new, apparently squirrel is one of the finest and tenderest of all wild meats. And on the topic of meat I found this insert tucked between the pages of this wonderfully entertaining book.

White Trash Cookbook 008


I know it’s hard to see in this picture but it does say ‘meat mountain’, and it does say ‘take a meat break’ and I for one plan on doing just that…


Despite these somewhat questionable findings I continued through the book passing Combination Salad (1 head of iceberg lettuce, and 3 ripe tomatoes generously slathered in mayonnaise), only to find the Kiss Me Not Sandwich (mustard and onion sandwich) all the while thinking, “Does it get any better than this?”

I’m not sure whether the answer is yes or no but I’ll leave you with this one last recipe and you can decide for yourself.

White Trash Cookbook 007

I can honestly say I’ve never been so entertained or confused by a cookbook before but I think I found inspiration for my next dinner party, and yes you’ve got to dress the part.


One comment on “Let’s Have Dinner, I’m Cooking

  1. clare clovis

    I will be making Our Lord’s Scripture Cake for Christmas this year and I know where to find a gently used Bible too… Cliffside Village Books.
    Let the baking begin.