A Sometimey Blogging Update

At the end of 2022, I published my first book (more on this in a moment), and a little while later news of it was shared through a bunch of community pages. First, if you haven’t noticed, we have an amazing community going on here in the Bluffs. Second, on one of those posts someone mentioned my “sometimey” blogging… which reminded me that I have a blog and “sometimey” may be a generous assessment of the frequency of my posts. In fact, I started writing this post shortly after reading that phrase back in February and now it’s July… which is sort of a fast pace for me. I have intentions of posting again in October, but until then here is an update about all the goings on so far this year.

I Published a Book!

As mentioned above, I published my debut novel, Tea and the Transcendent, at the end of last year. It’s a supernatural fantasy novel in stories set right here in the east end. If that sounds like a book you’d like to read, swing by the shop where I have lots of copies available!

A Local Authors Section Has Been Created

Since I now stock my own self-published novel, I figured it was high time to get a small local self-published author section going so we can support the wonderful authors in our community. We’re still 99% a used bookstore, but now we do have a teeny little selection of new books. And if you didn’t already know, every time a self-published author makes a sale, a fairy is born so you should come make some fairies.

Super Fabulous Renovations That Mostly Only Make a Difference to Me

My brother has a television show. It’s called Gut Job. Out of the blue (or perhaps purple) he needed a small project to add in, so the back portion of the shop was gutted and made to be a delightful little cave for me to hangout in and remain true to my gremlin nature. The shop was closed for a little while to accommodate this (sorry if you tried to get books during that time. Hopefully you found some stories to keep you entertained until I reopened), but for me it was worth it. I am now the happiest little story gremlin that ever did exist. Also, it was for a show, which means I had to agree to be on TV and you’ll be able to vicariously experience the reno process.

The Writer’s Groups are Migrating

And finally, I have been hosting writer’s groups through the bookstore since 2014. I love my groups and wouldn’t dream of giving them up. However, when we had all the lockdowns, I had to move my groups online. Moving them back to in-person is not really an option since I now have writers from all over the country and sometimes even international writers in the groups.

I have decided to migrate the writer’s groups to fall under my other business name. (Did you know I have another business? I’m also a novel editor and you can learn about that aspect of my story gremlin nature over at Clovis Editorial.) So, it’s the same great groups, but under a different name with a proper email list! If you want to get email updates letting you know which writer’s groups are open for registration, you can sign up here.

That’s all my updates for now!