The Wind Blew Directly into His Face

At this weeks writer’s group I struggled with the selected prompts. It’s all part of the challenge though, sometimes the words flow out of us like water and other times we have to thaw through the ice first. Luckily the the others didn’t have quite as much trouble as me.

Story by John:

I looked through the tiny rectangular window into the cell. He was lying on the tiny cot next to the bowl. The bowl that I had changed for the last six months since I had been assigned to this part of the complex.

I banged on the metal door and jangled my keys. I hated using the prod on the politicals, but I knew he wouldn’t need it today. I pressed the lock release and entered the code. The outer pocket door slid sideways and I got my key ready for the inner gate.

“Today’s your lucky day Number 105. I see you have been getting ready. Smells like you have shaved or something. It’ll be good to meet them looking your best.”

This old man was shaking now. Tears were running down his cheeks. “Hey,” I said, “I know this is going to feel strange. But listen, you’ve been a smart man. Look at it this way. You’re going to be set free.”

He let me check inside his nose. The tiny implant was in there and it set my reader blinking, just like we agreed.

I led him down the hall shuffling towards the foyer where his leg iron would be released and his basket would be returned.

“Thanks,” He said, wiping his nose. “You’ve been as kind as you could be to me Kalen. Maybe we’ll meet again. Who knows?”

“Ok. That’s enough coochie coochie,” the Colonel growled. “Put him in the paddy wagon guys.”

They had the bag ready for his head, but before they put it on, he stepped out of the foyer into the storm. The rain was coming down sideways and the wind blew directly into his face


Story by Fred:

Was it the wind that blew directly into his face or was it love that blew directly into his face? He wasn’t sure but the wind felt like love. You know, you’re going around minding your own business then all of a sudden it hits you just like the wind. It took him off his feet, messed his hair, made him feel warm all over. Maybe it was a warm wind. I don’t know but it made him feel good. He’d better enjoy it while he can because love is fleeting; like the wind.