What to Expect from 2020

2020 has already brought some exciting changes to the shop. The first change is the new shelving configuration. This new layout includes a display shelf for art pieces and other handmade goodies. It has also allowed me to create a little crafting corner in the back where I can work on my bookbinding and other projects designed to bring new life to unsalable books.

Art and Handmade Goods Display Shelf

The second change is that I will be hosting a couple of workshops with local artists. The first workshop will be led by Skye Paul of Running Fox Beads. Skye will be teaching us to make beaded earrings. The other workshops are still to be determined.

Other than those two changes things here will be pretty much the same. There will be books. Lots of books. And the writer’s groups will run as always: two accountability groups, and five or so prompt groups throughout the year.

Also the writer’s discussion group that meets here every other Wednesday will be resuming their meetings starting on the 15th.

Here’s to another great year!