Every business needs a business card (apparently) so I looked at some printing house websites to get an idea of prices and styles and whatnot. The endeavour proved much to boring for me so I mostly just stared at the computer screen and daydreamed. Luckily I know this guy, part wizard, part superhero, extremely roguish guy who also happens to be a graphic designer in his down time. Anyway I said to him, “hey roguish-superhero-wizard man could I get a little help with this whole business card thing (and everything else graphically inclined including this website).” To which he responded, “Ain’t no thing. How about a you do a stamp?”

Now, I don’t really like to dwell on important decisions, you know decisions like should I eat this pound of chocolate, should I go camping in forty below weather, should I buy this bookstore? In my world the answer is undoubtedly yes because it’s gonna be fun and even if it isn’t, no harm no foul, right?


So yes, my business card is a stamp and stamping things is oh so much fun!

What makes these cards even cooler is that I found a box of book covers that had lost their books and were feeling sad and purposeless so I gave them a new job, and they are very good at it.

Stampfest 006


One comment on “Stampfest!

  1. clare clovis

    So Lovely, I hope the leaves found a happy home some where too!