Some Minor Renovations


It’s so strange seeing empty shelves in the shop.

As you may know I have spent the past two days doing some minor renovations in the shop. I’m so used to minor renovations quickly turning into major ones that I was prepared for the worst. Luckily this time around that was not the case, everything went according to plan (I know, I’m shocked too. Things rarely go according to plan.)

First and most time consuming was taking all the books off the shelves that needed repairing. I’m so used to seeing them all nicely put away that sometimes I forget just how many of them there really are. Lining them up on the floor so that were still alphabetized and would be easy to replace took up about half my floor space.

After taking down all the books it was IMG_1720just a matter of removing the shelves from the wall and doing the repairs. I had to leave everything over night so the putty and paint could dry before replacing the shelves. Doing this kind of work in such a small space with books all over the floor is an interesting endeavour, but not as difficult as I thought it was going to be.

As I said before it all went according to plan and the shop is now back in one piece, looking essentially exactly how it did before. Which in my opinion means it was a job well done.

The shop will be back to normal store hours as of tomorrow 🙂