Maker’s Market 2020

My dream of running a bunch of workshops this year may not have panned out but I am pretty good at dreaming so I dreamed up something new. On October 18th, I held the first ever Maker’s Market right here in the shop.

Setting up for the Maker’s Market

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc on large events this year, it was the perfect opportunity to host a small art sale. The shop was completely transformed in order to display the art of eight local Bluffs artists.

We had to get creative and have a small team of three selling on behalf of the artists so we could have customers through and still meet the Covid safety regulations, but we pulled it off. The event was a huge success, far exceeding my expectations.

Though the event was small, the caliber of the work was impressive. Artists included:

I am hopeful the event is the first of many. Thank you to everyone who came out and made it a truly wonderful day.

Come out to celebrate and support our creative community again in Autumn 2021!