Humanity 101

A beautiful piece written a few weeks back.

By Diane Elizabeth Hill

Just leave them be
all those leaves on the ground,
the lizards
the clouds and the elephants,
the beetles and the water,
the earth and the gnats.

They all know exactly what they’re doing,
hard as it is for us to believe,
we who think none of it would exist
without us,
that all of it was created
for us.

We can’t resist though—
the fiddling and fouling, controlling and changing,
in the shared delusion
we will somehow improve things.

Just leave them be:
Something you’d yell in vain to a cruel child approaching
a fallen nest of baby squirrels.
Just leave them be.
Just be.

Ah – there’s the problem.

If we could leave ourselves be, maybe
we could leave everything else be, too.

Just be: The hardest thing of all.

Thousands of years spent searching,
most of us getting way too mystical—
thinking the answer is somehow up in the air,
when it’s actually deep in our cells,
a knowledge that’s been there all along,
so long, we’ve forgotten
how to find it,
how to know it.

Just be.

the slow confusing realizations can begin,
the unbreakable connections can be seen,
the true relationships can become known again,
between leaf and lizard and cloud and
elephant and beetle and
water and earth and gnat.

The lesson of sunlight on our skin,
the message in the rising moon,
the wisdom in the great power of death.

This is the only thing we can claim as our own:
Our true place, among all our relations.

It’s the only lesson—
the one we’re all seeking,
the one we’ll learn if we listen.

Just be.


One comment on “Humanity 101

  1. Joel

    That’s… very nice!
    a secret treasure