He Put His Face in the Water

I haven’t been very good at sharing stories with you all this year, even though I’m running two writer’s groups a week instead of just one. Partly this is because I keep forgetting. But also I have been writing more pieces that I either want to work on further or are part of a larger story and don’t really stand on their own. These are good things, even if it means less reading for you at the moment. That being said, here’s a sweet little piece I wrote last night.

By Genevieve Clovis

The day had been one of the longest of his life; Jonathan couldn’t even remember the morning. He couldn’t remember waking up, or what he’d had for breakfast because that had been so long ago.

It was late now. The sun had gone down and the stars were out, he couldn’t see very many from the window in the hallway but he knew they were there.

Jonathan walked into the bathroom and hurried across the cold ceramic tiles. He squished his bare feet into the soft bath mat and undressed. Water poured into the tub loud and chaotic much like his day had been. He dipped his hand in to test the temperature. It was warm and inviting so he climbed in even though it was only half full.

It had been a long day and he was exhausted, but he’d done lots of things that yesterday he would have been too scared to do. Jonathan decided he’d do one more.

Taking a deep breath and holding his nose tightly, he squeezed his eyes shut and put his face in the water. And he held it in there for a really long time before coming up for air. He sputtered and snorted at the water sloshing down and he wiped his face off with both hands as his mother walked into the bathroom. Jonathan beamed at her.

“Did you just put your head under water all by yourself?” she asked astonished, as she turned off the faucet.

Jonathan nodded his head vigorously and said, “I’m not afraid of anything.”


One comment on “He Put His Face in the Water

  1. soccertips7.com

    My son puts his whole face in the water during every bath to try and blow bub.