He Felt it Break

To make up for the fact that I haven’t posted anything in a long time, I am sharing this delightful story from writer’s group. It’s a Buffy/Writer’s Group mash up, and it is fabulous!

By Cindy Elkerton

There they were again, like clock work.  Every Thursday evening you could count on them being at Writer’s Group and this week was no exception. Spike, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Anya and of course Vivian leading the group. They met in the occult shop down on 5th ave after the store had closed. It was a fun group, lively and unpredictable. Spike was always hitting on Buffy, and Willow was always pointing out obscure facts. Anya was so naïve and gullible that Xander couldn’t stop himself from making jokes at her expense.

They did write stories. Spike’s were always dark and murderous. Buffy’s were always heroic but fashionable. Willow’s stories were usually about her girlfriend. And Anya and Xander usually spent the 20 minutes looking over each other’s shoulder trying to get ideas from each other.

That evening they had been given the prompt “dust the baddy” and they quickly began to write. They were all really getting into this one. They were about 13 minutes in when he felt it break; Spike’s pencil tip broke and he just about lost it.

You see, this writer’s group had a rule that once the writing began there could be no interruptions. So, Spike could not go sharpen his pencil or go find another once. He was so upset because he was really into his story and had ideas about where he wanted to go with it. So naturally he pricked his finger and wrote for the last 7 minutes in blood. The others looked on with disgust but no one said a word. As soon as Vivian called time, Spike practically leaped from his seat with excitement to be the first to share his story with the others.

Just as you would expect his, partially blood written, story was about gore and guts, slaughter and savagery, murder and mayhem. The others enjoyed it immensely and Vivian asked if she could submit it for publishing in the next issue of the Sunnydale Voice.