Food for Thought

After an hour of pottering around the shop, cleaning and organizing, I realized I’m quite hungry and the reason is that I completely forgot to eat breakfast. Luckily a bunch of my customers have recently started feeding me. In the past I’ve been given the occasional candy or chocolate, usually because a customer has been to bulk barn and then decided to browse for a bit and share their treats. It doesn’t happen that often, until last week that is…


“Can I interest you in some Heritage Crunch to go with that Dostoevsky?”

Last week, for reasons I will never know, five different customers brought me things to eat. Each one of them went to bulk barn and left with a bag of treats specifically for me. I was given candy coated almonds, jujubes, peanut butter m&ms, crazily addictive pink chewy candies, and a box of cereal. When given food I tend to share it with other customers, it only seems fair. But the cereal, that’s new. I’ve never been given cereal before; it’s not as easy to share.

I meant to take it home but kept forgetting it in the shop, which was lucky because as I said I forgot to have brekkie this morning. So, I open up my very tasty looking box of Heritage Crunch, thankful for the gift, and discover a Victor Hugo quote on the inside flap. How delightful is that!? I feel like a kid who’s found the toy hidden in the box.

Thanks for sharing with me and letting me share with you.