Decorations of Christmases Past and Present

Every year I try to decorate with only what’s on hand. Usually that means books, but luckily books make for very versatile decorations.

Christmas 2013:

…I guess I was a grinch in 2013. Although, I distinctly remember having a Christmas open house at the shop so I must have decorated.

Christmas 2014:
Christmas tree made out of books

The first book tree all lit up. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have a very clear picture of it but I’m sure you get the idea.

Christmas 2015:
Fireplace made of books

The book fireplace! This is one of my favourites… okay my actual favourite.

Christmas 2016:
A tree made from books

A slightly different book tree, because why not try all the different ways to recreate a tree from books.


Christmas 2017:

I’m calling this one Bookmas Town 🙂