A Year and a Week

One week ago today was the kind of day that should have been celebrated but I was so busy trying to read all the books in the shop before they sold that I totally missed it. My priorities are, I believe,  in fine order.

To the point; Cliffside Village Books and I have been together for an entire year… and a week. Isn’t that great!? We’ve had no major hiccups and thanks to all of my super amazingly wonderful customers our doors are still open. What more could a girl and her shop ask for.

Those are all the words I can muster right now, but hopefully you enjoy this picture, I drew it just for you.


Book store owner loving her job + Cliffside Village Books in all its awesome logo-y glory + super hero customer delirious with book purchase pleasure = all things heart shaped

Thanks for all your support. Here’s to another great year