About Us

Your friendly neighbourhood secondhand bookstore in the Bluffs

Our Mission:

To provide a quality selection of used books for our diverse customer base.

To help create and sustain a community of lifelong readers.

To encourage and inspire writers of all skill levels by hosting regular writer’s groups.

To share our passion for reading and writing by providing a safe and welcoming environment.


Donations and Trade-ins:

The vast majority of our stock comes from donations and trade-ins. Please note we do not buy books, but we do give store credit. We carry a little bit of everything. It’s a good idea to come in and have a look around at what we stock before bringing in donations.

For an idea of what we definitely do not want, here is a list:

  • Textbooks
  • Computer books
  • Magazines (with the exception of National Geographics which I donate to an ongoing community art program)
  • Photo albums
  • Audio books
  • Movies
  • Records
  • Books that are water damaged, mouldy/musty, missing pages, littered with marginalia, have large stickers on the covers, or are covered in dust, grime, or animal fur.


Meet the Owner:

Genevieve Clovis

I grew up in a house full of books, Owner of Cliffside Village Booksavid readers, and storytellers. As such I have a deep rooted love of literature. My dad used to take me to the second-hand bookstore not far from our house, and when I was old enough to go on my own I would visit at least once a week. The owners seemed so content, and I always dreamed of doing what they were doing. So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it. I can’t express how happy it makes me to share my love of reading and writing with others.

4 comments on “About Us

  1. Tracy

    I have about 50 or less books I want to drop off, do you guys pay cash for books that we drop off?


    1. admin

      Hi Tracy, we don’t give cash for books. Store credit only.

  2. Diane

    Hi Genevieve, I am a writer who moved to Cliffside about a year ago and just learned about your writing group. Is it open to join? I would love to check it out and visit your store! Best, Diane

    1. admin

      Hi Diane, I will send you an e-mail with the details for the next writer’s group session.
      Thanks for your interest 🙂

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