A Brightly Wrapped Box

I haven’t posted a writer’s group piece in a while. Mostly that is because my writing is rusty at the moment, but I am starting to get back in the groove. One of the prompts from yesterday’s session was a brightly wrapped box. Here is what I did with it

By Genevieve Clovis

Hannah reluctantly opened her eyes admitting to the world that she was, in fact, awake. She had been lying in bed hugging Snuggles her favourite one eyed pink bear; listening to her parents moving about downstairs.

It was Saturday, and she knew if she managed to stay in bed long enough she could avoid a bunch of the weekend chores. But it was no use. She was awake, and wanted to go outside to enjoy the sunshine. Sometimes having to do the chores was well worth the extra playtime it rewarded her.

Hannah slipped out of bed and straightened her blankets. She tucked Snuggles in, and beside him placed Vincent (her second favourite one eyed pink bear), so that neither of them would get lonely in her absence.

Heading down the stairs Hannah yelled, “Mum! Can we have waffles for break-” The words died in her mouth. She stood frozen at the bottom of the stairs.

Hannah could see into the living room. She could see a brightly wrapped box sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. A thousand thoughts flew through her mind at once, or rather, one thought flew through her mind a thousand times.

What was in the box?

Her mother stood in the kitchen doorway, “Did you say something Hannah?”

“Waffles,” Hannah whispered taking a few staggering steps forward. The box was large and square. The paper blue and red and purple stripes. Mesmerizing.

“Hannah?” Her mother’s voice intruded.

Hannah wheeled around. “Whose box is this? Where did it come from?” She demanded. Before she got an answer she was sprinting up the stairs. She would need help getting to the bottom of this. Detective Snuggles and Vincent would know what to do…


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  1. Chris

    great start but I want to know more. Could be a good children’s story

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