The Pavement was Cracked

This week’s writer’s group was lots of fun. So was last weeks but I was being lazy and distracted and didn’t actually post anything about it. I’d be sorry but honestly you’re better off, my stories last week were not up to my usual mediocre standard of stream of consciousness writing. This week though I ended up with a nice little character study.

Story by Genevieve Clovis

John stood in the driveway in his fuzzy blue slippers and faded green bathrobe. One hand was planted firmly on his hip, the other clutching his coffee mug. He looked at the driveway and tsked. The pavement was cracked.

John glared accusingly at his neighbour’s fancy new stone steps, matching path and fresh laid driveway. He’d been told the builders would clean up but obviously they didn’t know the meaning of the word. His lawn was covered in stone dust, his pavement was ruined and when he’d complained everyone looked at him like he was the one being unreasonable.

John finished off his coffee and headed to the garage to get his broom. As he swept the dust off his driveway he prayed for the wind to change direction so it would blow back onto Frank and Sara’s lawn. But it didn’t.

Miserably John stomped back towards the house. He turned when he heard the creak of the front door opening.

“John, what are you doing?”

John scowled, it was his layabout son-in-law. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m sweeping up after those horrid builders,” John grumbled but now that he’d said it out loud he couldn’t hold back his anger and he shouted, “Look at the state they’ve left my lawn in! It’s despicable.”

Bill had come down the steps and taken the broom away. “John, you’re in your pajamas. Maybe you’d like to get dressed before starting in on the lawn.”

John wanted to protest but Bill had a point and he’d used a tone of voice John was now used to. It meant he was having a moment…


Unfortunately I ran out of time, I was quite enjoying learning about John and his “moments”. I’m fairly certain in his crafty, somewhat senile, old man way he was plotting revenge against Frank and Sara and their horrid builders. I’m hoping somewhere down the line I will have need of this character.


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