Dear Customer

Letters to my customers

Food for Thought

After an hour of pottering around the shop, cleaning and organizing, I realized I’m quite hungry and the reason is that I completely forgot to eat breakfast. Luckily a bunch of my customers have recently started feeding me. In the past I’ve been given the occasional candy or chocolate,...


You Are Missed

At three to five visits in the six days the shop is open you were my most frequent regular. You always had a tale to tell, a smile to share, a fact to discuss, and of course the desire to find a new book to read. Sometimes I’d see...


Christmas Card Happiness

Christmas music is playing softly in the background. Outside night is slowly taking over, a sleepy hush blanketing the neighbourhood as the sky fades to a darker blue. I get up to turn on the Christmas lights and poke my head outside to enjoy them. Turning to go back...


Christmas Cheer

I am a firm believer in Christmas not being in people’s faces until December has begun. Don’t get me wrong I get excited about the holiday season pretty much as soon as it starts getting cold, but the decorations and the music don’t make an appearance until there’s less...


On Tipping your Local Bookstore Owner

Often when you go into a coffee shop or a … I can’t think of another example so let’s go with another coffee shop, they have those little jars which very politely or humorously ask for a tip. I have thought about those a few times since I undertook...


Dear Customer,

It’s been so long since you’ve been in and even though your visit was short it was wonderful. I’m so glad I got to see you again. When you walked into the shop your beauty struck me. You’d done your hair and your cheeks were rosy from being out...