The happenings in and around Cliffside Village Books

A Bookshop Photoshoot

A couple weeks ago as I sat alone in the shop talking to myself, I decided it would be quite fun to do a photo-shoot. Having established the thought I promptly did nothing to further the idea. It seemed like that would be the best way to go about...


I Love the Smell of Books in the Morning

I decided that for Christmas I would take three days off, a well deserved break in my opinion, but the weather said, “No, I think you should have four days off and to ensure you take that extra day I’m going to make sure there is no power at...


When Christmas Comes Early

Every morning I sit on the bus with my nose stuck in my latest read, one ear listening for the robotic woman to announce Sandown Ave. As she calls my stop, I close the book and look out the window waiting to catch a glimpse of the shop from...



Every business needs a business card (apparently) so I looked at some printing house websites to get an idea of prices and styles and whatnot. The endeavour proved much to boring for me so I mostly just stared at the computer screen and daydreamed. Luckily I know this guy,...


Hello Cliffside Village

So there I was cruising the internet for second-hand bookstores for sale, as you do, when I stumbled across Cliffside Village Books although the name and location were never mentioned in the ad. Even though it was exactly what I was looking for, I was not expecting to actually...