Fun things to do at or with Cliffside Village Books

What to Expect from 2020

2020 has already brought some exciting changes to the shop. The first change is the new shelving configuration. This new layout includes a display shelf for art pieces and other handmade goodies. It has also allowed me to create a little crafting corner in the back where I can...


Writers Fight Club

It’s not nearly as dangerous as it sounds! For the past few months this writers discussion group has been meeting at the shop every other Wednesday. The group has a very relaxed approach. There are no set topics and each meeting is allowed to go where it will. Sometimes...


Closing Thoughts on Wordy Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday — an open mic event celebrating creative writing — was a truly a delightful experience. Retirement Suites By The Lake was kind enough to host us for the six months that the event ran. In fact, the entire event was only created because Diane approached me asking what sort of...


Wordy Wednesday!

Join us February 7th from 7 – 9 pm for our first ever open mic night! Cliffside Village Books and Retirement Suites By The Lake are thrilled to present Wordy Wednesday! An open mic night for poetry, prose, and the spoken word. This is a great opportunity for the Bluffs...


An Eloquence of Time and Space

  We had a wonderful poetry reading in the shop the other day. Author James Wylder read from his book An Eloquence of Time and Space, a Doctor Who themed poetry book. There were some old fans, some (relatively) new fans, and some soon-to-be-made-into-fans fans. All in all it was...


Cliffside Village Writer’s Group

Last night I hosted the first of what will hopefully be many writer’s groups. I had to move some of the shelves around to make space for the tables and chairs but it was totally worth the effort (and to be honest it wasn’t that much effort). The group...